PeakToner Laser Printer Warranty

Included: 4-Hour Onsite Laser Printer Repair

If you are using PeakToner and your printer is acting up, you’ll receive free onsite laser printer repair.  Within 4 hours of your call/email, one of our trained technicians will arrive onsite to fix your printer.

Included: Repair Parts and Maintenance Kits

All service repair parts and maintenance kits are also included for free when you use PeakToner.  From rollers and belts, to fans and fusers, all service, repair, and maintenance parts are included at no extra charge.

Included: Replacement Printers and Printer Upgrades

Sometimes your faithful old printer is just plain worn out.  If you’re using PeakToner, we’ll replace that old worn out printer with a newer printer at no cost.  Sometimes you might just need a printer that is a little faster, or has more features.  Same thing here – if you’re using PeakToner, we can upgrade your printer at no cost, too!

What else do you get with PeakToner?


  • PeakToners are the same price as OEM toners.
  • Free local delivery of your PeakToner cartridges.
  • Free pickup and recycling of used toners.
  • Free onsite laser printer repair service.
  • Expert technicians, onsite in 4 hours or less!
  • Free parts (fusers, rollers, maintenance kits, fans, etc).
  • Free loaner printers, if you need them.
  • Free end-of-life laser printer replacements.
  • Trusted and proven for the Twin Cities since 1995!

Choose PeakToner and never pay for printer repair again!

Is PeakToner right for my office?

Your business must have 5+ laser printers.

To be eligible for the PeakToner warranty program, your business must have 5 or more devices utilizing PeakToner brand toner cartridges.  This can be in one single location, or spread out over multiple locations.

PeakToner is available for HP laser printers.

PeakToner brand toner cartridges are available for HP LaserJet and HP Color LaserJet laser printers and multi-function printers (MFPs).  There are some printer and MFP brands that “cross-over” and utilize HP toner cartridges, and these devices can also use PeakToner brand toner cartridges.

Complete laser printer management solution.

PeakToner is a full service laser printer management solution for your business.  From the quality of the toners, to the repair parts, and to the service technicians who provide the repairs, PeakToner is a closed-loop solution, and we are fully accountable to you.


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