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Buying toner cartridges just got a little easier.  When you choose PeakToner, you never pay for printer repair again.  That’s because PeakToner comes with a built in warranty to protect your laser printer.  Everything you need is included, from tech support and onsite repair, to parts, labor, and preventative maintenance.  It really is that easy, and we’ve been doing it since 1995.

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Toner low?  We’ll deliver PeakToner.

With PeakToner, you only pay for toner cartridges.  No monthly contracts, quotas, overages, or penalties, and no hidden fees.  When you need toner, just place an order.  We’ll deliver PeakToner to your office within 24 hours, and even pickup your empty toners for proper recycling!

Paper jam?  We’ll fix it free of charge.

When your printer is acting up, just contact us.  Our expert technicians will be onsite in 4 hours or less, to get your printer up and running again.  From paper jams and fuser errors, to squeaks, creeks and smells, our friendly techs have seen it all, and are here to help you.

Old printer?  We’ll replace it for free.

One awesome benefit of using PeakToner is that you never have to budget for new printers!  We’ll keep your current printers humming with free repairs, but eventually they will become outdated.  When that happens, we’ll replace them at no charge!


PeakToner gives you free onsite printer repair service with it’s built-in printer warranty.

But…don’t take it from us.

Take a moment to read this Facebook review we received from Steve, a satisfied customer of ours!  Read Steve’s feedback, and more, on our FB page here;

“5STARS! I am a systems administrator for a small manufacturing company.  Now in the real world, sys admin means I run the IT department.  No, I AM the IT department. Manufacturing has many challenges and leans more to the rusty edge than the bleeding edge.  Most vendors have no clue how to service mixed and legacy environments such as ours.  IOT does.

Finding IOT was such a blessing.  Let me count they ways.  First off, their people, at every level, sales, service, support, all get it.  They are NOT Big Box IT.  They do NOT force feed solutions.  They LISTEN.  They understand each and every customer is different, and each and every customer, no matter how large or how small, MATTERS.

IOT extracted us from the Big Box multifunction machine paradigm.  You know the type.  Overpriced equipment with a page count maintenance contract.  Like a lease on a car, nothing quite like reaching the year end only to have your fax print copy needs EXPLODE in price, and we know what that means come renewal time.  IOT doesn’t roll that way.  So simple.  They sold two wonderful remanufactured HP machines at a very fair price.  The maintenance contract?  Buy their toner.

THAT’S IT?  It’s THAT easy?  There MUST be a catch.  No, there isn’t.  It wasn’t long before all my HP machines, even ones not purchased from IOT, were under their care.  When I need service, it’s timely, accurate, and well performed.  The people are well trained, polite, and on their game!

Unlike other outfits that have narrow focus and broad rate schedules, these folks just come in and fix it.  It’s nice to have them to count on.  You see the same people many times as they are not outsourced printer tech of the day.  I have to do due diligence and quote others for these kinds of things, but nobody is even close.  Many try and pretend, but at the end of the day, they hedge and hide the standard page count maintenance contract inside of a buy agreement for toner based on…page counts.

True confession?  I don’t don’t do due diligence as I don’t need to.  I have IOT!  Don’t tell the boss though.  The bottom line is…performance, engineering, serviceability, reliability.  That’s the IOT staff.  That IS IOT.  Thank you.”

Wow – thanks Steve!

We know that was a long read, but this really does capture the spirit of what we do and what we strive to provide our customers!

PeaakToner is made for businessWe’ll take care of you!

And your laser printers.  And your budget.

  • Great prices on toner.  PeakToner cartridges are the same price as OEM toner cartridges.
  • Free onsite laser printer repairs.  Free onsite service from the best techs in the Twin Cities (ours).
  • Free service and repair parts.  All parts are included.  Fusers, feed rollers, maintenance kits, and more.
  • Fast 4 hour onsite response time.  Expert repair techs onsite, with parts, in 4 hours or less.
  • Free loaner printers.  If we can’t fix your printer fast, we’ll give you a free loaner printer to use.
  • Free end-of-life printer replacement.  When your printer is finally too old, we’ll replace it free.

Enjoy all this, and more, with PeakToner.

Wondering why you’re not using PeakToner yet?  Wonder no more!  Click below to get started.


Customer Testimonials

See what some of our happy customers have to say…

An HP printer repaired by IOT…always with great results. I’d definitely recommend them.

Shout out to Rusty who always does an excellent job. He came today for one printer and we had two others waiting that had developed issues. He fixed them all. I had gone to get a rag to clean up a toner spill that someone had left near the printer he was going to work on and he had it all cleaned up before I got back. Now that is Customer Service.

Very quick to fix a printer! Good quality toner, priced great too.

Service department has helped us out in a pinch too many times to mention!